Aggregates Sand & Stone

We produce a large range of sand and washed stone products, including crushed stone and road making material for the following applications:

Aggregates Sand & Stone

  • Aggregates for Concrete Manufacture

  • Construction and building works

  • Road making material and Civil Engineering works

  • Agricultural use and land drainage

  • Domestic and commercial decoration

  • Riverbank and Coastal stabilisation works

Sand and Aggregates are produced under factory controlled conditions, they are CE Marked and regularly tested for conformance and compliance with the parameters laid out in EN12620:2013 (Aggregates for Concrete)

Equally, broken stone and fill material including Series 800 road making materials are CE marked and tested in accordance with the Factory Production Control System for conformance and compliance with EN13242:2013 (Aggregates for unbound and hydraulically bound materials for use in civil engineering work and road construction)

We Manufacture and produce the following materials for delivery or collection:

Washed Products/Aggregates

Building Sand3mm Fine sand
Plastering Sand3mm Sharp sand
Concrete Sand5mm Coarse Sand
10mm Chip (Pea Gravel)Concrete Production/Drainage and Percolation
20mm ChipConcrete Production/Drainage and Percolation
40mm Chip (Drainage)Drainage and Percolation
10mm/20mm Aggregate mixSelf-mixing concrete applications

Crushed Stone

6” Clean/6”DownHardcore for foundations/road making
4” Clean/4”Down6F1 Fill Material
2”Clean/2”Down6F2/6F3 Fill Material
Clause 505Pipe Bedding/Filter Material
Clause 8040-37.5mm
Clause 803/Maintenance0-28mm
Rock fill150mm to 600mm Diameter
Boulders/ Rock Armour600mm and over
Clause 616 Face Gravel FillBulk Fill to Clause 616

Bagged products

Aggregates Sand & Stone

  • Building sand

  • Plastering sand

  • Washed Aggregate mix

  • 10mm Chip

  • 20mm Chip

  • Clause 804

  • Dust

  • Decorative Chippings