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We are fully committed to ensuring our products meet and exceed the vigorous guidelines laid out in relevant standards for each product. We have a fully equipped on-site laboratory for monitoring and testing of our aggregates and concrete products. Any testing criteria not determined by our laboratory are sent to a fully accredited laboratory for conformity testing.

National Standards Authority of Ireland

Ready-mixed concrete is produced in accordance with EN 206-1:2013 - our quality system is continuously audited by the National Standards Authority of Ireland


Concrete blocks are manufactured in accordance with EN771-3:2011 under a rigorous factory production control system and are CE Marked to meet the current building regulations.

Sand, Aggregates, Stone fill and road making material are produced conforming to EN12620:2013 and EN13242:2013 respectively. These aggregates are SR 21 Compliant, CE marked and Pyrite-Free.

Declarations of Performance and Material Safety Data Sheets for each product are available from us on request

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