Ready Mixed Concrete & Blocks

Ready mixed concrete

Ready mixed concrete is manufactured in accordance with EN206-1 and available for collection or delivery to your desired mix specification, slump and aggregate size. We produce the following:

  • Ready mixed concrete from strength classes C8/10 to C100/115 (10-115 Newton)

  • 10mm and 20mm aggregate size mixes available

  • Footpath Mixes, Kerbing Mixes, Pump Mixes

  • Sand – Cement floor screed

  • Trowel ready mortar up to 72hour workability

  • Fibre Reinforced Concrete (Polymer and Steel fibre)

  • Self-Compacting, Air Entrained and Waterproof concrete

  • Specialist design mixes

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Concrete blocks

Concrete blocks are manufactured to EN771-3: 2011 standard using aggregates from our quarry conforming to EN12620:2013 (Aggregates for concrete). These are available in the following configurations and obtainable in strengths from 5-20N/mm2 which can be delivered or collected from our yard.

  • 4” Block

  • 6”Block

  • 12” Block (Closers)

  • 9” Cavity

  • 4” x 4”Soap Bar

  • 6” x 4” Soap Bar

  • L-Block

  • Concrete Brick

Concrete blocks are Pyrite-Free, CE Certified and continuously tested for strength, dimensions and other physical properties. CE Certified means that our products meet the requirements of the EC directives.

Telescopic Concrete Conveyor

  • Suitable for delivering concrete into foundations, sub-floors, shuttered walls and formwork

  • A solution for difficult to reach areas on any site

  • Faster concrete installation

  • More accurate concrete delivery in diffult to reach areas

  • Less labour intensive delivery of concrete

  • More efficient concrete placement saving time on site

  • Minimises manual handling and labour requirements

  • Reduces the need for additionally hired equipment such as concrete pumps, skips and dumpers

  • Reduces further wheelbarrow work

  • A cost effective service to place concrete

  • Improves Health & Safety conditions during concrete installation